When Is a Fan Not a Fan?

I’m a fairly easygoing guy, in all honesty. I get along with almost anybody. If our views happen to differ, I normally tend to find out why the other party takes such a standpoint. Pretty cut-and-dry, I’d think.

Unfortunately, there are some who don’t share such an open-minded view on things.

I’ve recently come across a number of issues within the Power Rangers/Super Sentai fandom that trouble me to absolutely no end. One of the biggest culprits being the lack of tolerance for those who don’t partake in the viewing of either Power Rangers or Super Sentai. Certain people tend to care for one or the other, instead of both. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sit well with a certain number of people.

This has gotten so terrible to the point that someone has even gone far enough to start a petition, in an attempt to get Saban Brands to cease production of Super Megaforce, because it “is using our beloved Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger as a toy commercial for the twentieth anniversary that rightfully belongs to the original Japanese Super Sentai Series which is an iconic artform in Japan.”[1] The problem with this is this: Not only does it disrespect those who find Power Rangers rather entertaining and enjoyable, but it also disrespects those who enjoy Super Sentai, as it causes a ruckus, disrupting their enjoyment.

“But Monkie,” you may ask, “we should respect other peoples’ opinions.” In any typical situation, I would say that I agree. But, when someone blatantly makes an attempt (in any capacity) to take away something that others enjoy, respect goes right out the window. You can’t respect someone for trying to take from others. It just doesn’t work that way.

Alas, I’ve gone on for far too long. My point is this: Don’t bust each others’ balls just because you think Power Rangers is “ruining” Super Sentai. First off, Power Rangers and Super Sentai should be treated as separate entities. Second, you can’t ruin what’s already run its course. If you don’t like Power Rangers, don’t watch it. Go watch Super Sentai. If you don’t like Super Sentai, go watch Power Rangers. No need to try to take away the others’ fun just because you don’t like it.

Keep strong, and may The Power protect you.


[1] – Change.org – Petition|Saban Brands: Stop Power Rangers Super Megaforce from being aired


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