Fan Art Friday Week 1- Joe Hogan

Welcome to Week 1 of Fan Art Friday on The Monkie Grid! Each week, we will be featuring 1 to 2 pieces of Power Rangers/Super Sentai artwork from a single artist, along with links to their works and websites.

Up this week, JOE HOGAN! A fantastic artist by far, Joe is well known for his Star Wars fanart, and has even been featured on and MTV Geek! On top of this, though, Mr. Hogan has been known to delve into Power Rangers art every now and again, each piece in its own right being rather powerful.

"Green Ranger - Times Square" by JoeHoganArt "Green Ranger" by JoeHoganArt

One of the key points of his artwork is that he favors the suit designs used in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie, going so far as to imagine a design for the Green Ranger!

Very versatile, his artwork spans multiple styles, each one being on-point. So, here’s to Joe Hogan! Week 1’s fan artist of the week!

Joe Hogan’s Links:

Until next week, may The Power protect you!

-=Keep in mind that the artists featured on this blog work very hard on their pieces, and if you plan to use their work, please go through the proper channels to ask proper permission.=-


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