Entitlement Can Lead to an Angry Soul

Every so often, I see a number of people who get offended when something within either the Power Rangers or Super Sentai properties doesn’t happen the way they want it to go.

“There aren’t enough women.”

“I want the Bandai Japan toys.”

“We deserve to have every Ranger come back for Super Megaforce.”

You know what? If you want it so bad, get a job. Put in that little two-sentence resume of your’s to Bandai. Or Saban. Or Toei. Then, if you happen to score a position worth listening to, maybe, just maybe, you might be able to submit some sort of opinion that may be taken into consideration, after meeting after subsequent meeting covering such a topic has passed.

You see, it’s not all about you, dear entitled one. It’s not all about your wants. Not your needs! Your wants. Because everyone except for you seems to grasp the concept that wants and needs are two separate things. If you’re old enough to complain about these so-called discrepancies within the property on the internet, you’re more than likely outside of the target demographic. You know, the audience that these shows are geared toward? You know, children?

The reason why Bandai America’s toys are smaller is because they aim toward a younger audience than Bandai Japan does. There’s also the matter of the fact that American children react to toys and do things with them differently than those in Japan. So that morpher or power weapon doesn’t fit in your hand? It’s likely because you’re too old.

Age has always been a factor. It’s never the best thing to point out, but it’s there. Maybe that’s why folks get so butthurt about hearing that their favorite Ranger wasn’t coming back for Super Megaforce. It’s not the 90’s anymore. Things change. People move on. Make businesses and whatnot. Not everyone’s going to be able to, or want to, drop what they’re doing just to relive the glory days.

“But Monkie, they have to do it! For the fans!”

No, my dear mislead patron, they don’t have to do anything. For most of the actors, their contracts have long expired, and therefore are not obligated to do anything. As for the fans, why do you think they spend so much time out of the year going to conventions? Not for their own health, I wouldn’t think. These people love their fans as if they were their own children. The way some of us act, it’s a wonder they even still interact with us. But they do. You know why? Because we’re their fans, and they love us. 

Before I get going a little too far, I’ll simply close with this: Before you go off on a tangent about how being a fan makes you entitled to make demands for change or additions, keep in mind who’s getting paid to do what and who isn’t. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


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