Ranger Keys at San Diego Comic Con!

The fine folks over at RangerCrew took some high resolution photos of the U.S. Ranger Keys that will likely be hitting shelves at some point in 2014!


According to the article, the representatives from Bandai had this to say:

  • Springs were created for show like functionality for the younger audience.  The cost of the springs is balanced with the smaller figure.
  • The keys need to be small enough for the kids (target audience).
  • They want the keys to be more affordable for kids and collectors.


Sounds, and looks, like the keys will be directed more towards children, which means that they won’t be nearly as large as the Japanese Ranger Keys.
For more, read on at the Rangercrew Blog!

For more U.S. Ranger Key goodness, head to Megaforce Cast!

Many, many thanks to Fury Diamond and the folks at RangerCrew for such a fantastic job!


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