Fan Art Friday Week 3 – David Reimer

This week’s featured artist is David Reimer!

Another multi-faceted artist, David is an established prop maker. From Legend of Zelda to Deadmau5 to Judge Dredd, he’s made it!

But he’s also dabbled in concept art, and that’s what we’re here to spotlight today.

bc0bbb28cd9383199de1046d97134142-d560y1g ranger_concept_02_by_torsoboyprops-d560y5q

His own personal take based on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, this concept turns the Power Rangers into something likened to a paramilitary organization, leaning more towards science fiction rather than children’s television. In essence, the suit is more of a powered armor rather than brightly-colored spandex. (Insert infamous Dr. K quote here)


David has definitely taken the time to assess and redesign many aspects of the suit and has turned it into a very capable, functional design. If something like this were to be created for either the big or small screen, I’d definitely say sign me up.

You can see these and more concepts, as well as all of David’s prop work over at his DeviantArt page, Torsoboyprops.

David Reimer is also a part of 2Story Props, and you can find them on their Facebook page and their blog!

-=Keep in mind that the artists featured on this blog work very hard on their pieces, and if you plan to use their work, please go through the proper channels to ask proper permission.=-


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