Super Megaforce Description and Introduction of Prince Vekar!

Courtesy of Mr. Yellow and Rangercrew, found on Marvista;


“The Power Rangers defeated the Warstar villains, but now the ruthless Prince Vekar has arrived with his massive alien Armada to conquer the earth. To face this new threat, Gosei gives the Rangers special morphers and keys, which allow them to morph into Super Megaforce Rangers! Using these special keys, they also have the amazing new ability to morph into any team of Rangers from the past, gaining access to their powers, weapons, Zords and Megazords. Super-sized villains, super-sized powers and action-packed adventure can only mean one thing: the all-new Power Rangers Super Megaforce has arrived!”

There you have it, folks, the official description for Power Rangers Megaforce, and the introduction of Warz Gill as Prince Vekar!



One thought on “Super Megaforce Description and Introduction of Prince Vekar!

  1. well in super mega force the rangers face new villains, have new weapons, new different morphs and have new allies from the past, present, and future of the power rangers. they have new abilities and learn secrets about the universe from their mentor a supernatural guardian of the Earth. new more dangerous threats also come want nothing more than complete control of the universe and destroy countless worlds and civilizations fall to their knees. but the rangers might be the only hope it is morphing time go go mega force.

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