Petitions and Their Effects (Or Lack Thereof) – A Ranger Rant

I’ve decided to temporarily dust off The Monkie Grid’s inaugural segment, Ranger Rants, for a topic that has me feeling especially ranty.

This topic is petitions. Petitions, Facebook pages having to do with petitions, and the poopstorm that follows them.

The target of my ramblings today? Bandai America, We Want a SIXTH Ranger For Power Rangers Go-Buster.
Really, guys? Really? I can’t even begin to nitpick at this. Oh wait, yes I can.

Let’s start with how many times “We want” is used, NOT including the page’s title. Three times in a paragraph. A poorly written paragraph. Actually, it’s not even a paragraph as it technically doesn’t meet the three sentence minimum. As many times as you use it just in the about section, you already sound like a bunch of entitled brats.

On top of this, the page also states that they want Extra Rangers. WITH NEW COLORS on top of that! Really now? I can’t even.

Why call it Power Rangers Go-Buster? The show hasn’t even been revealed, let alone have an official title. Are you also trying to shove this title down the throats of those who you’re trying to make demands of? I don’t get it.

Oh, guess what? They even have a PETITION to go along with it!
The typos in this are absolutely mind-boggling. When you want to put this stuff together, I suggest that you get someone to proofread your work before you allow it to go live. This is absolutely horrendous. The text size changes. The different colors. The incorrect spelling. WHAT IS THIS?! This isn’t elementary school, where folks just go, “Aww, that’s cute. We’re just going to put this over on the refrigerator. Right here.” I really can’t take this seriously.

Look, folks. If you want to create a self-sustaining, respectable, well-rounded petition and/or petition Facebook, you really need to go about it from a different angle. Correct your spelling errors, ditch the multiple text colors and font sizes, and make it less self-reflective. “We want” has to go. I can understand using it once in order to establish the fact that it covers your wants, but it doesn’t need to be covered in the entire document. Once those things are covered, I’m pretty sure you’ll be on your way to a better presentation.

If you want to check out these pages, or even support them, you can check them out at:


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