Why the Hell Are You in the Power Rangers Tag? – Week 12

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN where we dig through the dregs of the #Power Rangers tag on Tumblr and make a half-assed, satirical example out of it all! So without further adieu, LET’S SNARKING!


I know that The Doctor supposedly can exist in any time or dimension, but can’t we just leave crossovers like this to Fanfiction.net?


This popped up after I had made Week 6 – Daft Punk Edition. Daft Punk ≠ Power Rangers. Plain and simple. If you start this up again, I’ll have to place you in the time-out corner.


Umm, hello. Why are you in the Power Rangers tag? Where’s your Truancy Officer? This has nothing to do with Power Rangers. B-T-Dubs, I’ve gone to school with far worse than a cold. You can suck it up, buttercup.


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