Fan Art Friday – Week 11 – Josh Perez

Here at The Monkie Grid, we pride ourselves on bringing you quality art from quality artists because art, no matter what form it’s in, deserves to be appreciated. This week is no exception.

This week, we feature the Power Rangers/Super Sentai work of professional artist Josh Perez. If you read comic books, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen his work. He’s colored a large amount of covers for Transformers runs such as Robots in Disguise  and More Than Meets the Eye.

Every so often, though, he’ll host a live stream where he’ll draw up something for his fans to see. Here’s a few fine examples:


Daizyuzin/Dino Megazord

Josh’s personal work spans numerous styles, but for his Power Rangers art, he seems to go more for a Transformers Animated feel.


Tackle Boy/Warrior Wheel

While TA has more of a simplistic feel overall, this artwork is anything but. The depths of color, especially, are awe-inspiring.


Daimugen/Tor the Shuttlezord

Also, Tor the Shuttlezord. ‘Nuff said.

On top of that, while I normally don’t stray away from Power Rangers and Super Sentai, I absolutely MUST share this gem. Josh took Chojinki Metalder as a base and applied the wow-factor and shine of Daft Punk to create something out of this world!



You can find Josh Perez at:

-=Keep in mind that the artists featured on this blog work very hard on their pieces, and if you plan to use their work, please go through the proper channels to ask proper permission.=-


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