Q&A With Nic Sampson!



For a while now, I’d been longing to try my hand at Q&A’s with Power Rangers cast members, and so, after some thought and input by many much appreciated confidants, I decided to give it a shot.

First to be contacted was none other than Mystic Force Yellow and Sentinel Knight himself, Nic Sampson! He was very nice when I made the request, which made me feel a lot less tense about asking.

Anyway without further ado, Let’s Questions!

  • Were you acting before you decided to audition for Power Rangers?

I’ve been acting since i was a kid. When I was 11 I was in an episode of a TV show with a pre-boston legal William Shatner. My mum was a mermaid and I got to eat custard during a scene. Pretty much the dream.

  •  What was your favorite part of being a Power Ranger?

I loved doing the fight scenes, even though I’m pretty uncoordinated. My stunt double did everything that looked remotely good.

  •  Are you still acting now?

I’m still acting around New Zealand as well as writing for a comedy show which is a bit like the Daily Show over in the states, although far less political since our politics are nowhere near as exciting as America’s.

  •  In a past interview with RangerCrew, you said that you had a band, Guns ‘n’ Moses. Are you guys still together?

Unfortunately the band broke up years ago. We were together for about a year maybe and did maybe 10 gigs all up. We started another band but that broke up quickly as well. I’m not a very good musician so that’s probably a part of it.

  •  Are you more inclined to perform on-screen, or did you prefer voicing characters instead?

I prefer being on screen where everyone can see my pretty face and all the good acting faces I do.

  •  Do you see any similarities between yourself and Chip?

We look really similar. Although I have a beard at the moment so…

  •  One final question: If you were given the opportunity to return and either play Chip again or play a different role, would you? Would you rather reprise Chip or play a new role?

I’d be a much beardier Chip. I could play his uncle or something?


Many thanks and much appreciation to Nic Sampson for his time answering this short Q&A!


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