Why the Hell Are You in the Power Rangers Tag? – Week 17

So, as everyone is aware, Tumblr decided to make changes to their search function, including changes to the visualization and listings. For a while, before I was instructed on how to access the old search style, I made do with editing what I had. SO, this week features entries from the new Tumblr search layout.

Would you rather keep this, or did you prefer images from the old layout? Please say so in the comments section!


Why is it whenever there’s a string of a certain object in multiple colors, the first thing someone has to do is go “LOL POWER RANGERS”? I’m sorry, but I don’t really see anyone joining in an unending chorus of “Go Go Power Jockstraps”.


I normally don’t take kindly to crossovers, but this one kind of tickled my funny bone. Not to mention that the art style is rather nice. Kudos to the artist.


Is this about those morph suits? I thought those were gifts? Did you ever stop to think that maybe the kids in 1 Direction are Power Rangers fans? Or that maybe they appreciate gifts from their fans? I’m not exactly a fan of 1-D, but I have to say, if someone wants to like Power Rangers, let them have at it. Even more so if it’s a gift from a fan. Nothing more respectable than a celeb that appreciates their fans.


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