Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, Revealed!


Over at Herotaku, images of the latest toy catalog have surfaced revealing the designs of none other than the Tokkyugers from Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, the 38th Super Sentai to come out of Japan!


As you may have seen in various rumor mills and forums lately, Tokkyuger is train-themed, and that aesthetic shows rather obviously in the designs of the suits and the mecha.


According to the catalog and Herotaku, the gimmick for the year is “Ressha”, the train mecha. They’re not only used in the changers (tentatively called TokkyuChangers) and weapons, but also components for the season’s mecha. A concept seems to have been introduced called “Norikae Henshin”, or “Transfer Transformation”. This allows a Tokkyuger to use another Tokkyuger’s Ressha to change into the latter’s color. (I.E. – Tokkyu 2 uses Tokkyu 1’s Ressha to turn red, but still has a “2” on the helmet.)


Like stated above, this season’s henshin device is called the “TokkyuChanger”. Basically, you place the Ressha into the center housing and pull down the lever to initiate transformation. Apparently, the device will make sounds based on which Ressha is in the housing. After initial transformation, Transfer Transformations can be used.


The Tokkyugers’ mecha is known as Tokkyu-Oh. Standing at 275mm tall in robot form, it is comprised of the main five Ressha. There are 13 Ressha in all.


The team weapon is known as the TokkyuBlaster. Two modes, “Uchimasu”, which is gun mode, and “Kirimasu”, which is sword mode. This comes with a Scope Ressha, which can also attach to Tokkyu-Oh.

Next is the Tokkyu Buckle, which houses the “Rainbow Pass”. Its purpose is as of yet unknown. It comes with the Shield Ressha, usable with Tokkyu-Oh.

The RenketsuBazooka is the combination weapon comprised of all of the Tokkyugers’ individual weapons. These weapons are the RailSlasher, the HomeTrigger, the TunnelAxe, the ShingouHammer, and the TekkyouClaw. The rail that it forms allows the Energy Ressha to run along as its ammunition. Energy Ressha also combines with Tokkyu-Oh.


There will be action figures of the Tokkyugers that have dials in their heads that allow you to change the numbers on their helmets. Each Tokkyuger will come with seven weapons.

There are also many other merchandising listings in this catalog that will be offered upon release.

-=Pirate’s Personal Opinion=-

I’ll admit that the designs caught me off-guard at first, but then again, I had just woken up. I’m starting to warm up to everything. Keep in mind that the early Super Sentai seasons had very simplistic designs, and their mecha weren’t much better. I’m sure as time goes on, more will be revealed.

Your opinions are exactly that, your own. If it’s what you feel, keep it, but also have an open mind and be respectful of others’ opinions. If you find yourself getting too far off-track, just bring it back into the station so you can let off some steam.


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