Fan Art Friday – Week 18 – Demone Amerson

Here at The Monkie Grid, we love to support fan projects in the way we know best: Exposure.

This week’s Fan Art Friday features a talented artist who is both a concept artist and Lead 3D Artist on the fan project “Zordon of Eltar: A Power Rangers Fan Film”, Demone Amerson!


Check out his amazing work after the jump!


A very talented artist in his own right, Demone Amerson joined Zordon of Eltar as not only a concept artist, but also a 3D modeler who currently is in the process of bringing his re-imagined Dragonzord to life! You may also find him and other works beyond Power Rangers on his DeviantArt page, BoredToLife, which will have a link listed below.


Dragonzord preliminary designs


Dragonzord final design

The design for the Dragonzord has a futuristic feel to it, despite the rather ancient setting of the film. Goes to show that technological advancements are more relative to the age of a civilization than the age of the entire universe. The final design is what is currently in development for a 3D rendered version.

For more of Demone’s work, including some other Zordon of Eltar concepts and even more fantastic artwork, you can find him on DeviantArt at:

Also, see even more fantastic artwork and keep up-to-date on the progress of Zordon of Eltar at:

Also, if you would like to contribute to the Fan Film via Kickstarter, do so now, for there are only a few hours left! (Will be updated upon closure)

-=Keep in mind that the artists featured on this blog work very hard on their pieces, and if you plan to use their work, please go through the proper channels to ask proper permission.=-


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