Rare Behind-the-Scenes DaiRanger Footage

Posted by RangerCrew user “Hears All”.

This footage was posted by MMPR Stunt Coordinator Jeff Pruitt, of rare behind-the-scenes footage of Gosei Sentai Dairanger. Here’s what he had to say in the video’s “About” section:

Here is something very rare specifically for the hardcore SENTAI / POWER RANGER fans: My behind-the-scenes of Gosei Sentai Dairanger home video – 2 hours worth to be exact. (Sorry for the poor quality)

When we started the original MIGHTY MORPHIN’ POWER RANGERS my producers wanted me to duplicate the economical shooting methods used by the Japanese film makers back then for the fight scenes while still using standard Hollywood coverage for the acting scenes. That is precisely what I did by employing some of the techniques seen in this video – although with a better camera and a much smaller crew.

In this video you can see some of the Zord footage we used to splice into our show as it is being shot as well as the Japanese stunt team and actors at work. The voice is that of my producer explaining things as he videotapes.

This video is meant as a special ‘thank you’ from me to all Sentai and Power Ranger fans past and present who helped make the early shows such a huge success. Thank you all and I hope you get a kick out of it. 🙂

If you listen closely, you can occasionally hear Jeff’s commentary on what’s going on.

Thank you, Hears All, for posting this onto RangerCrew, and thank you Jeff for sharing this with the fans!


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