Tokkyuger Personalities Revealed


Straight out of Orends: Range, new information about Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger has surfaced! This time, revealing each Tokkyuger’s personality:

Tokkyu 1 (Red), the team leader and a force to reckon with, this happy soldier seems to hide a greater imagination than anyone else.

Tokkyu 2 (Blue), smart and a walking dictionary, this serious soldier over-thinks a just about anything, even in a fight!

Tokkyu 3 (Yellow), a dependable woman always comes to the aid of her friends, using a variety of martial arts to unleash her exacting techniques on the enemy.

Tokkyu 4 (Green), a forever unhurried soldier, he finds his true power in times of trouble.

Tokkyu 5 (Pink), a cute girl who changes into a variety of characters in battle. It gives people the wrong impression about her strength and is what give her an unexpected power.

Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger will begin airing February 16, 2014.


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