“Why the Hell Are You in the Power Rangers Tag?” – Daft Punk Vol. 2

So we’ve recently had the Grammy Awards, and our favorite French robots, Daft Punk, have won “Album of the Year” with their awesome album Random Access Memories!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop the Tumblz from showing its hind-end when it comes to identifying these musical geniuses. Yes, folks, it’s time for a SECOND Daft Punk edition of “Why the Hell Are You in the Power Rangers Tag?” as people just cannot seem to differentiate Daft Punk from Power Rangers, even though there are few similarities at best.


Because they totally did all that work just to be mistaken for a bunch of over-emotional young adults in bright-colored spandex.


Yes, Doctor K, we know.


I didn’t either. Goes to show that our favorite teenagers with attitude have good taste in music. I also didn’t know that the Power Rangers did a cover of Homework. You’ll have to link me to that sometime.


Apparently, your imagination did, because we intelligent folk didn’t see them.


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