Why the Hell Are You in the Power Rangers Tag? – Week of 2/12


We have a LOGO now! This segment is officially classy. In honor of our new-found classy brand of snark, we give you…MORE SNARK!


Apparently, it is. I wonder if you’re still trying to get JDF to tweet you. You and all the other thousands who pine for his attention for whatever reason…

Hey, let’s take today’s most popular* artists and shoddily paste their heads onto the bodies of Power Rangers! THEN, instead of using the Power Rangers logo, even though we can find it anywhere, let’s use the FAN CLUB logo! This will be GREAT!

*-The term “popular” is only used subjectively according to pop culture, not personal tastes. Buuuuuh….


Wait, how did screenshots of XCOM: Enemy Unknown make it into this tag? Are we just going to take screenshots of whatsoever will and slap  #Power Rangers on it?


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