Jeff Pruitt Posts Zyu2 Footage (No Sound)

Just posted today (February 17th), Jeff Pruitt shared with all of us some video of the Zyu2 footage utilized in the making of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!

From the video’s “About” section:

By request: This is another very loooong one strictly for the the SENTAI fans. It’s some of the footage I would get prior to shooting an episode of MMPR during Season 1.

When the rights to the Japanese show was originally purchased they also made a deal to get some extra footage shot using the Zyu Ranger suits to pad out the first season. I joined the show about 8 episodes or so into Season 1 to direct the action.

No one knew then if the show would last or not and the Japanese no longer used those suits. In the beginning we tried to use as much of the cheaper Japan footage as we could obtain. The object was to keep the production costs down.

We were able to use some of the footage they sent, but had to discard some as well whenever the censors thought the use of weapons or something should be taken out. The rules about this changed from show to show depending on how the censor felt after viewing a rough-cut of an episode. Often I would have to shoot something to replace something they didn’t approve of.

My job was to watch ALL of the Japan footage we had and then add both ‘civilian fights’ (actors without suits) and ‘hero fights’ (the Power Rangers) to the footage and edit it all together. Eventually we ran out of what became known as ‘Zyu 2’ footage and I just shot everything (except the Zord battles).

When Season 2 began we only used the footage of White Ranger (from Dai Ranger) as he was riding his Zord. All of his fights were performed by either Hien Nguyen or Tomoe Oe. (Hien also played the Green Ranger and was White Ranger in the movie) The actors only wore the suits when they stood around talking in the Command Center. All of the acting and fighting in the suits was performed by the stunt team.

When the Japanese had finished with a monster suit they would ship it to us and we would use it. We tried to use everything over and over as much as possible to save money. You can see a little behind the scene of the suits in my MMPR stunt documentary on this channel.”

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