Reviews From The Monkie Grid – Super Megaforce Episode 1

Reviews from The Monkie Grid


Welcome to the first ever episode review segment powered by The Monkie Grid! Today, we’re showcasing the first episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, “Super Megaforce”!

Before the episode proper, we get a brief recap of the final moments of “End Game”, the final episode of Power Rangers Megaforce. Pretty much just the portions where actual plot happened. Following that, we open to The Armada’s flagship, which at this point hasn’t been named.

Pre_Screen1 Subsequently, we move to the bridge of said flagship, being introduced to Prince Vekar and his officers, Argus and Levira. So far, things seem to be going well for The Armada, with no signs of resistance in sight. Levira consoles Vekar on the apparent loss of Vrak, but Vekar is confident that he will get his vengeance with the occupation of Earth.

Pre_Screen4 Roll flashy intro, queue various scenes of the invasion at-hand, including hot-dropping X-Borgs from the sky (with title card). This is where I became instantly hooked. Any villainous faction that drops their infantry from the sky like that is the bee’s knees in my book. From here, we begin to expand into the various locations of the invasion.



We view the school for a brief moment before moving to the mall. Three X-Borgs move into the mall, which has apparently already been ransacked and cleared out. We’re shown an almost emotionally distraught Ernie (or at least, that’s how it’s made out to be) when Emma appears and dispatches the infantry. When she finds Ernie, he’s instantaneously relieved and Emma…stops to turn off the frozen yogurt machine…


Because frozen yogurt is expensive.

Ending as quick as it started, we then move to the school (again) to find Noah busting in like a boss, using his blaster to take down the X-Borgs. Then, in typical Noah fashion, he heads straight for the computer lab. Luckily, he finds two students safe and sound while there.


I’m here to check your browser history.

From here, it gets a little slow, what with plotty exposition and whatnot. Gia and Jake limp into the Batca-…ahem…Command Center, seemingly battered, but not broken. Shortly after, Noah makes his way in a similar fashion and warmly reunites with his teammates. After that, Emma returns, who actually appears to be perfectly fine.

 The team has a few moments to get caught up before a mysterious noise  begins echoing down the entrance way. After a pensive moment or two, Troy walks in, much to everyone’s relief. It seems he’s spent this entire time looking for Roboknight. Seriously, all this time away, and the only thing you have to say is that you spent the entire time looking for Roboknight? At least the others made an effort to protect the city’s citizens. Troy then turns to Gosei for answers, to which he has none.

Screen30 BUT, Papa Gosei DOES have some shiny new morphers to give to the Rangers in order to further compliment their skills to fight the forces of The Armada.


 With these and their Ranger Keys, the Megaforce Rangers are able to access “Super Mega Mode”, which allows them to then unlock the powers of past Power Ranger teams. (Get it? Unlock? Power? HUE HUE HUE) The Rangers examine their new keys –

Screen32 – but, Jake is less than enthused, citing a possible mistake in his key, as it appears to be green and not black.


IS it easy being green?

Gosei begins to answer with what might have been an easy explanation, but is quickly (and conveniently) interrupted by a nearby enemy attack. The Rangers head out to find themselves head-to-head with the first of The Armada’s monsters, Headridge. The Megaforce Rangers introduce themselves, assess the situation and surmise that it’s time to use “Super Mega Mode”. The first high-volume battle ensues.

Screen37 The situation calls for utilizing the powers of the Legendary Rangers, and as such, they begin to call on the powers of the Samurai Rangers, followed by Mystic Force.

After a taking a heavy hit, the Rangers realize that they can’t hold their Legendary forms. They then dispatch Headridge with a Final Strike.


Super Mega Rangers, that’s a Super Mega win!

 Flabbergasted, Vekar paces the bridge of his ship until Damaras brings in a new monster, Tentacus.

Screen48 Tentacus heads to Earth and continues the onslaught that Headridge started, but is eventually confronted by the Super Mega Rangers. Another high-volume battle ensues, eventually leaving Tantacus on his own against the Rangers. He begins to fire rockets, but our heroes transform into the S.P.D. Rangers to shoot them down and subsequently take him down as the Wind and Thunder Rangers, finishing him off as a team of Legendary Red Rangers.

Vekar’s officers begin to fret, as they are worried what he will do. Levira tells them to worry not, as they now have the ability to grow more than one monster at a time without having to use zombats.



Gosei contacts the Rangers and informs them that they have a new sky ship at their disposal. With it, they unleash their new Super Mega Zords, combining to form the Legendary Megazord. The fight of giants ensues, as the new mecha shows its moves and even has a few surprises.


Pew pew pew!

After taking out the Bruisers, it was time to take down Tentacus. The Rangers duly dispatch the villain with their Super Mega Final Strike, the “Super Mega Starburst”.


That’s a Super Mega win…again…

Our heroes return to school, which oddly enough, is just about back in order somehow. Noah comes to learn that the school is back in order, save for the lack of a teacher. How a school even manages to run on a good day with only one teacher is beyond me. Noah finds Mr. Burley in his office, looking rather awkward trying to keep his prized possessions and awards from falling off of their shelves. How long he had been there may forever be a mystery.

Screen84 As Mr. Burley gives a heart warming, inspiring speech, Troy is once again on his own at the beach, contemplating Roboknight well into the credits sequence.


Where for art thou, Roboknight?

My Thoughts

This episode was rather solid for a current-era Saban premiere. Definitely a much stronger opening than Power Rangers Megaforce. Troy has definitely grown as a character, and it can be seen throughout this episode. Unfortunately, quirks like the unnecessarily drawn-out focus on Roboknight without even so much as an inch of progress on it were worth leaving out, in my personal opinion.

The battle sequences were absolutely superb, as well as the interaction within the cast. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

The Legendary Megazord? This is by far my favorite Megazord design since S.P.D.’s Delta Squad Megazord. Tentacus’ interaction with it and accidental friendly fire was a very comical experience for me. We’ll see where the series goes from here.

The Scale

Ever since witnessing Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season Tsu, I’ve been a fan of TentoRaiger. So, with the permission of pixel artist Robinosuke, I’ve decided to grade each episode I review on a scale of 1 to 5 TentoRaigers, with 1 being the lowest. Very rarely, if at all, will I give a grade of 0.

Anyway, without further ado, Let’s Ranking!

I give Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode 1, “Super Megaforce” a:


Just a bit more TentoRaiger

The episode in its entirety was very strong. There were just a few discrepancies and annoyances that kept it from being completely enjoyable for me.

And this has been The Monkie Grid’s first episode review! Thank you all so much, and if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.


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