Go Go Mega Heartbreak!

In the smoke and rubble of it all, I’ve looked back on everything that’s happened in the past day (Today being the morning of March 29th). I have to take out the time to say that in hindsight, I am very, very disappointed and heartbroken over recent events and the things that were said. I’m rather perturbed that a single person. A SINGLE PERSON. Can turn the entire community into a heaping pile of crap.

As I’ve said many times, I used to look up to Tommy as a kid because I thought he was the most amazing guy ever. When I came into the fandom, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Then, I came across the Tommy Fandom. To see those fans be so ugly to people who didn’t share their mindset, and to see that JDF didn’t do anything about it, that broke my heart. Now you can’t tell me “Well, maybe he didn’t see it”, because he boasts that he reads EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT.

If you don’t stop it, you’re condoning it. Simple as that. If JDF’s going to allow his fans to be ugly to other people, if JDF’s going to call people haters, then I’m done. It breaks my heart to see what he’s become. It breaks my heart to see what his fans have become.

I officially feel disenfranchised. You want to call me butthurt? Sure, go right ahead. A line was crossed. It’s not even about Morphin’ Madness anymore, because the treatment that I’ve witnessed of fans? That comes from within, folks. That’s all you.


3 thoughts on “Go Go Mega Heartbreak!

  1. I completely agree. Fandoms are the same in all franchises. Power Rangers vs Super Sentai is to us as Episodes 1, 2, 3 vs 4, 5, 6 are to Star Wars and so on. I embrace all in both cases and have my faves and least faves but I don’t make a federal case out of it which is why I stay away from Ranger Board and Comic cons because they just drain the fun out of the room. Clearly you’re not one which is a breath of fresh air.

  2. It’s posts like this that make me want to leave the Power Rangers fandom forever.Your hatred of Jason David Frank and the character Tommy Oliver is downright disgusting.It is the Tommy haters who are ruining fandom with every blog and message board post.You are cancer to the Power Rangers fandom, thanks for ruining it.Good Riddance.

    • Interesting that you decide to throw a fit on my page SIX MONTHS after I’ve spoken my peace. Calling me a hater and a cancer proves every single point I made in this post. You never even read the point of it all.

      What I take from your post is that I put the words “JDF”, “Tommy”, and “hater” in the same written work, and suddenly just went with it without even thinking of the point of the whole thing. Were you there when it all happened? Or are you just White Knighting for a situation you know nothing about, considering it happened almost seven months ago?

      Disgusting? Speaking my mind is disgusting? Oh wait, maybe I didn’t do enough name-calling. That’ll clean it right up. I’m so sorry that I, the blogger, didn’t live up to the standards of you, a single reader out of plenty that stop by my site and commend me on the work that I do in order to entertain and inform THEM.

      You also never made any points as to why I’m a cancer or why I’m ruining the fandom. That’s very lovely. I guess I’ll just keep doing what I do best, because of your lack of wherewithal to properly explain your standpoint to me.


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