Reviews from The Monkie Grid – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers by PAPERCUTZ

Reviews from The Monkie Grid


Saturday, May 03, 2014. Free Comic Book Day. Among the myriad of free comics that were offered today, one stood out like a beacon: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers from Papercutz. It seemed to call out to me, “Read me! Read me!” So, when I got home, I happily obliged. See what I thought of it after the break!


Just seeing the word “BETRAYED!” brings me back to Disney’s relaunch of MMPR. Not a happy memory.

I was as giddy as a schoolgirl when I saw this comic. The artwork on the cover was absolutely beautiful. I mean, come on. Look at it:


I thought that this was going to be the best thing in the world, seeing as I never took the time to partake in Power Rangers comics during their run under the Marvel banner. Unfortunately, the light at the end of that tunnel wound up being a matte painting instead.

Inside, we begin our read with the Ranger bios. Tommy, labeled as the White Ranger, is initially explained to be the former Green Ranger, but then explains that he was given the White Ranger powers, and that “Zordon returned his powers to him, but they are temporary and their strength will ebb and flow.” Oh look, there’s even a bio for Bulk and Skull! “Skull has been Bulk’s companion since birth, when they were isolated in the hospital nursery because every time Bulk would cry, so would Skull!”

Ah yes, we finally get to the actual comic.


We start off the story with a checklist of sorts and the solidifying of Tommy as leader…while Jason is right there. Funny how that works. Mentioning Rita being placed in her dumpster marks this story immediately after the events of “White Light Part II”. Also, EVERY Ranger is in the Rad Bug (Zack was cut off due to me focusing on the dialogue). I’m guessing it’s bigger on the inside?

The Rangers are taking the confined Rita to a remote location so that Zordon can teleport her to the moon without being discovered by civilians.

Kimberly notices that Zack has figures in his bag, and asks why he has toys. To which Zack replies that they’re for Angela (They referenced Angela!) and that she’s into the show that they came from. Trini then backs him up, stating that people collect all sorts of stuff.  They step out of the car. Rita and Zack exchange a bit of smack talk.

4Queue Lord Zedd’s lair, with totally out-of-place big screen! Zedd agonizes over the fact that the Power Rangers still exist and then comes up with a brilliant plan to catch them off-guard…


…WITH THE RAD BUG! By the way, even if she’s a Ranger, and even if it’s fiction, Trini being hit in the leg by a speeding car would be a serious injury. Juuuuuust saying.

Anyway, back on-track, seeing this as a serious matter, Zordon contacts the Rangers: “Rangers I have detected that Billy’s Rad Bug is no longer a mere tripped-out set of wheels! It has been animated by Lord Zedd! You must treat it as you would any monster!” Tommy then calls for the Rangers to morph…out of order…


I guess if you jump around a bit, it could be in order…

Much to Billy’s disdain, the Rangers begin to attack the Rad Bug, to little avail. Though, it’s good to know that apparently the Power Weapons can shoot pew pew lasers.


Saba suggests that Billy would know how to stop the evil-infused vehicle, since he himself built it.


Even with a wonky story, the artwork is just beautiful.

It’s good to see in this story that the Rangers actively practice teamwork, as they work together to create a ramp out of stone in order to overturn the Rad Bug so that Billy may find a way to stop it without destroying it.



No, Tommy. You’re shrinking.

And thus, the Rangers came to the conclusion that they must destroy the Rad Bug. Having grown, the Rad Bug seems to have merged with the action figures in the trunk, so now the Rangers can hear Rita’s various quips rather clearly as they summon their zords with “DINOSAUR POWER” (This comic can’t decide whether it wants to be in season 1 or season 2).


Uh-oh, looks like Rita needs her mouth washed out with soap.

First up: Tommy. New to piloting the White Tigerzord, he has a bit of trouble keeping control due to the excess of power. Switching to Warrior Mode, he then gets into the Rad Bug. You read that right.


Easily my favorite panel in this entire book.

Seeing Tommy in trouble, the others, who have just been sitting on the sideline this whole time I suppose, form the Thunder Megazord. Again, can’t decide whether we’re in season 1 or season 2. The Thunderzords are mistakenly called the Dinozords, as well as a familiar pair of phrases.


Heh heh. Pink skirt.

Again, using teamwork, the Rangers move a plan into action to stop the Rad Bug. The Thunder Megazord leaps like a majestic elephant on the Savannah.


BUT NO! IT WAS NOT MEANT TO BE! The Rad Bug pulls another trick and transforms into ROBOT MODE and attacks!


All the while, commentary from Rita is peppered in. Seeing no other options, the Rangers put in motion a plan to stop the Red Bug once and for all. With a lift from the White Tigerzord, the Thunder Megazord lands on the “Rad Robot’s” back and pulls the fuel line, leaving the monster to attempt in vain to stagger toward Angel Grove.


There’s your problem, Billy. You filled your gas tank with motor oil. Silly.

SO ONCE AGAIN, THE DAY IS SAVED, THANKS TO…THE POWER RANGERS! Oh, and Kimberly gains a new found appreciation for action figures.



So, with that, Let’s Ranking!


Needs more TentoRaiger

While the artwork was absolutely superb, I just really couldn’t get behind the story. While it had the overall Mighty Morphin’ feel, the dialogue was difficult to get into. The general interaction feeling rather cardboard, even by Mighty Morphin’ standards. Also, Skull is called Spike for some odd reason.

Now don’t get me wrong. There were quite a few funny spots in here, like the Rad Bug’s dialogue. But, overall, it was lackluster and very pretty to look at. I may change my mind if we can get more instances of Rangers piloting zords driving giant cars. Drive-ception.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the comments section below!


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