Q&A With Matt Austin!


 We’re back once again with our THIRD Q&A!

This time, we have the amazingly multi-faceted Matt Austin, who you all may know as Bridge Carson, S.P.D. Green, then Blue, then (in Operation Overdrive) Red Ranger!

In addition to Power Rangers S.P.D., Matt is also a seasoned writer, composer, producer, and director, with works under his belt such as (my personal favorite) Marshall Law and Don’t You Forget About Me, a documentary tribute to John Hughes, as well as composing the song “Me” in S.P.D.

Anyway, without further ado, Let’s Questions!


  • What were you doing before SPD?

Before I was cast in Power Ranger, or what my family refers to as BSPD,  I had just finished a run of a play I had both written and acted in called In Between.

  • When you were cast as Bridge, what were your first thoughts of the dialogue and character direction?

I genuinely felt like it was the first time I auditioned for anything where the character sounded like me. I heard that others struggled to make the dialogue sound natural, so this really was the cast of me “being myself” and getting the role. Originally Bridge was wayyyyy rant-ier and had huge monologues. I wish the show was able to keep that.

  • During your return in “Once a Ranger”, did you expect to be brought in as a Red Ranger? Was there any particular reason for not returning as SPD Green?

I think they had already offered Rich from Mystic an opportunity to come back before it had gotten to me. They wanted the original 5 colours represented so needed a Red Ranger. I think they felt it would make more sense to change my color than that of the other rangers. Either way, I was thrilled to return to the series and New Zealand.

  • Since your run as a Ranger, what endeavors have you engaged in?

Shortly after Rangers, I hung up my acting hat. I’ve always been more interested in writing and directing and have done a number of shorts, television and three features. . I’d love to return to the series as a director.

  • Thank you very much for answering all of our questions!


Matt has stated that he’s interested in throwing his name into the hat as director for the new movie re-imagining of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Curiously enough, there is an online petition that was created by a fan to garner support for the notion. You can observe and sign said petition ->HERE<-

You can follow Matt on Twitter at @MattyAustin

Check out Matt’s work at MattSadowski.dunked.com


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