Q&A With Cameron Jebo!


Cameron Jebo. Originally auditioned for a role as one of the main five Megaforce Rangers. An enigma shrouded in questions for the majority of the season before finally being announced as SUPER MEGAFORCE SILVER, sole survivor of Andresia and epic powerhouse of shininess!

After the amazing Twin Galaxies Live! event, Cameron graced me with a short Twitterview, so without further ado, Let’s Questions!


  • When you became SMF Silver, what were your initial thoughts?

1st thought: NO. WAY. 2nd: I’m my own childhood hero! 3rd: Oh crap, I’ve got a lot of training to do. 4th: NO. WAY.

  • What is it like having to match your voice to the intensity of Gokai Silver’s source footage?

Matching my voice to the intensity of the epic source footage was incredibly FUN. ADR sessions always a mix of tiring/exciting

  • The Ranger Key props, are they just toys or are they specially made for the show?

Some of the Ranger keys, morphers, and weapons we film with are the actual toys that you fans get to play with! But then again…we get to film with some special “just-for-us” props, weapons, morphers, and costumes. Those are Hero Models.


Be sure to catch Cameron as Orion, the Silver Ranger, in Power Rangers Super Megaforce! Currently on hiatus, you can catch episodes on Hulu.com and Nickelodeon. The Monkie Grid will announce an official return date once it becomes available.

Thank you so much to Cameron for allowing us to have this Q&A!


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