DJ MonkieRanger: The Man Behind the Monkie

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! One year ago today, The Monkie Grid made its start with a name and a dream. We took the plunge and made our first post about Rangercrew’s SDCC 2013 coverage of the Tamashii Nations booth. From there, things only went up.

We’ve had a number of various blog segments that have come and gone: Why the Hell Are You in the Power Rangers Tag? Fan Art Friday. Ranger Rants. Favorites From The Monkie Grid. Reviews From The Monkie Grid. Let’s Make a Team! All of these were things that you all have loved, still love, or will love as time goes on and you all make your voices heard as to what you want from The Monkie Grid. So now, we’re going to get into a little “Getting to Know You” session with the creator of The Monkie Grid! You all know him as MonkieRanger, it’s Lee!


I was 5 years old when Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers initially aired, and I enjoyed it from day one. At the time, I quickly attached to Jason and Zack as characters, as they stood out the most to me. As with most fans, the interest ebbed over time, but I never completely stopped liking Power Rangers. I was always finding a way to keep tabs on it.

I started getting back into the swing of things between RPM and Samurai, when I realized that there was actually an online community jam-packed full of Power Rangers fans. Slowly but surely, I started to intermingle with people, with Morphin Legacy’s TinyChat sessions being the first time I started actually reaching out and interacting with other fans. That started a whole new venture altogether.

Inspired by the work of outlets such as Morphin Legacy, Tokunation, and RangerCrew, I decided to start my own blog.

 The Monkie Grid is a play off of a nickname I gave myself back in high school (which then stuck), Monkie. I actually couldn’t come up with a better name for a website, so I just rolled with it. Luckily, it’s a name you all seem to like, so we’re staying with it!

Thanks to Morphin Legacy, I was able to get my start with voice-over in the fandom, making bumpers for Morphin Legacy Radio, and sound bytes for their podcast, The GRID, of which I would later become a co-host and temporary host.

I’ve also made appearances on the Talkin’ Toku and Ranger Command Power hour podcasts.

Also, to-date, we have FOUR Q&As under our belt: Nic Sampson, Kerrigan Mahan, Matt Austin, and Cameron Jebo!

Currently, you can hear me on my new weekly short segment called “#DJMonkieRanger”, which is posted on SoundCloud!


Anyway, let’s get to the inquisitive portion, shall we?

Who is your favorite Power Ranger of all time? Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger

What is your favorite Power Rangers series? Power Rangers SPD

Where did Monkey Ranger come from? When I came up with the idea of The Monkie Grid, I knew that I needed a mascot, so, when I decided to call myself MonkieRanger instead of Piratemonkie, I went with a design loosely based on the Monkey King.

Favorite Villain? Mesogog from Dino Thunder

What is your favorite morpher? I’d like to say that it’s a tie between MMPR’s Power Morpher and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger‘s Gaburivolver.


This year has been nothing if not simply amazing. None of this would have happened without your support! Here’s a bit of The Monkie Grid by-the-numbers, taken as of this posting, to show just how much you’ve supported us!

Main blog views: 34,265

Facebook Likes: 275

Twitter Followers: 475

Tumblr Followers: 125

Instagram Followers: 24

SoundCloud Followers: 3

That is all YOU, people. You’ve listened, you’ve talked, and you’ve shared. All of the rants, the fun times, and the not-so-fun times have all been glorious thanks to all of you. Without you The Monkie Grid wouldn’t exist.

Here’s to another fantastic year, folks! May the power protect you, and, as always, IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!


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