Legacy MMPR Movie-Style Action Figures


While they were announced back in June of this year, we’ve heard next to nothing about the new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie figures. Now, thanks to the diligence of RangerCrew’s head honcho Fury Diamond, we now have visual confirmation of the styling of the new 5′ figures (save for 6th figure Ivan Ooze).

Each figure will include a movie-style blade blaster (not seen in use during the film, but were seen holstered), and, in the case of the Pink Ranger at the very least, will include their signature weapon as seen on-screen.

The odd thing about this line is the apparent lack of a White Ranger figure. Considering the amount of White Ranger-related merchandise scheduled for a 2015 release (including a movie-style White Ranger Power Morpher), it’s more than strange to see a 5′ figure be left out.

The movie-style figures are expected to release in 2015.

The original article can be found on RangerCrew’s blog here: http://blog.samuraicast.com/mighty-morphin-power-rangers-movie-legacy-figures/


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