Starlight.Studio – Hybrid Power Coin Review


HELLOOOOOOOO TOKUSATSU FANDOM! DJ MonkieRanger here with an impromptu product review of Starlight.Studio’s ever stellar Hybrid/Gold Team Power Coin set!


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Starlight.Studio has been around for quite some time, supplying the fandom the world over with professional-quality props, replacement parts, and custom merchandise. One of their signature custom items is the Hybrid/Gold Team Power Coin set!

Made completely out of alloy metal, these coins are top of the line when it comes to custom quality. Their molds were completely hand sculpted, and they are made to fit the Legacy Morphers, the metal-plated updated version of the 1993 release.

The Good – These things are made to last. The gold plating and weathering are absolutely astonishing and are comparable to the retail Legacy coins. The design on the face is very clean cut.

The Bad – While the coins are fairly in-line with the size of their retail counterparts, the inconsistencies that are apparent in the Legacy Morpher means that the fit of these coins will also vary. I personally had to apply a bit of pressure to insert the weathered coin. I didn’t even try to push in the gold coin, but reasoning for that will come later. Fret not, as this issue has been laid out perfectly clear by Starlight.Studios in their listings:

“**Coins may not fit your Morpher due to factory inconsistencies when making the Morphers! You’ve been warned! Please be respectful when contacting us about this issue.”

All-in-all, these coins are perfect for any collector looking to expand their collection beyond what may be available in stores. While they may fetch a hefty price; currently listed on Etsy for $45.00/pair; they more than pay for themselves in craftsmanship.

You can find Starlight.Studio on both eBay and Etsy!

Overall, I’m more than happy to give this item five Tentoraigers out of five.


Thanks to Den O of Tokunation for sending us these coins!


Now, for the pièce de résistance: Announcing The Monkie Grid’s first ever CONTEST!

Morphin' Contest Image

The name of the game is simple: Take a picture of yourself morphing. Japanese or American. It doesn’t matter how old or new the morpher is. Heck, if you don’t have a morpher, get creative! Use a cell phone, camera, anything! Who knows what your creativity will get you!

There will be a 1st and 2nd place winner.

1st Place – The 1st place winner will receive a GOLD Hybrid Power Coin, a Power Morphicon Exclusive Red Super Megaforce Ranger Key, and a MonkeyRanger Sketch Card!

2nd Place The 2nd place winner will receive a Power Morphicon Exclusive Red Super Megaforce Ranger Key and a MonkeyRanger Sketch Card!

You have until SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11th to get your submissions in! “But Monkie, how will we ever get our awesomeness into your hands?” Simple! Send your entries to our new contest email!

I await your submissions! Make them good, because I know how talented you all are!


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