Significant 7 – Day 2 – Delphine of Aquitar

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We continue our week-long foray into franchise-changing moments in Power Rangers history today with a very special woman who, in my opinion, did not get as much love as we all wanted her to.

Day 2 – Delphine – 1st Female Team Leader

Significant 7 Delphine

Delphine made waves (no pun intended) when she first appeared after our resident Rangers were affected by Master Vile’s spell, turning them all into children. With more strength and endurance than the others on her team, Delphine led with confidence and mastery that only she could express, while also seeing her team as equals as a wise leader would.

Delphine paved the way for many strong women in the Power Rangers franchise who exuded many valuable and incredible leadership abilities. Unfortunate as it is that we don’t have more, one can only hope that one day we will again be blessed with a strong woman in an active leadership role.

Hey Saban Brands, Toei, the ball is in your court, my friends.

Tune in tomorrow when we feature Day 3’s Significant Ranger – T.J., the first African American team leader!


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