Significant 7 – Day 3 – T.J.

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Continuing our venture into significance, our next stop is the land of Power Rangers Turbo! Just before most of the original team had departed, we were introduced to four new Rangers. One of which made history!

Day 3 – T.J. – 1st African American Team Leader

Significant 7 Turbo

Even though as a Red Ranger he’s constantly cast in Tommy’s shadow, T.J. came into his own as a character. Not simply for his significance, he led the Turbo Rangers through thick and thin.

T.J.’s tenure as a Red Ranger showed that capable leaders can come from all facets of life.


(Black Nerd is the BEST for this.)

Come back tomorrow when we cover our next Ranger of Significance – Ryan, the first American-exclusive Power Ranger!


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