Significant 7 – Day 4 – Ryan Mitchell

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HUMP DAY! WOOP WOOP! Today in our week of significance, we look at a man after our own hearts. A shining example of what Saban is capable of in the right situations.

Day 4 – Ryan Mitchell – 1st American-Exclusive Power Ranger

Significant 7 Titanium

Ryan was a textbook example of an unfortunate villian-turned-hero. Having been raised by Diabolico from a young age, Ryan knew of nothing else until his family helped him realize the truth. Once part of Lightspeed Rescue, Ryan was an integral part of the fight against Queen Bansheera’s forces.

Original suit, morpher, and weapon designs, the Titanium Ranger is a testament to the potential Power Rangers has within itself as a franchise, leading the way for such heroes as Power Rangers Jungle Fury‘s Spirit Rangers.

Tomorrow is a doozy, featuring Power Rangers Wild Force – The first series with an anniversary special!


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