Significant 7 – Day 5 – Wild Force

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Today in significance, we take a look at an event that is seen as both the best event in Power Rangers history, and the worst.  In either case, this event is certainly one of the biggest, if not THE biggest.

Day 5 – Wild Force – 1st Anniversary Special (Forever Red)

Significant 7 Wild Force

Wild Force was a mixed bag for many a fan but one thing was for sure: It was the 10th season of Power Rangers. As such, Power Rangers Wild Force would go down in history as being the first season to have something the others didn’t have at the time: A dedicated anniversary special. “Forever Red” as it came to be called, was the first of its kind, a special episode marking the anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise.

Even though the concept went through a number of iterations, “Forever Red” as something of a mixed bag. Full of original footage while ingeniously recycling older Saban props and costumes, as well as bringing back all of the past Red Rangers (minus David Bacon, who did not reprise the role of Aurico).

“Forever Red” left the door open for huge opportunities, though events this large would still be few and far between throughout the franchise.


I mean come on, how could you NOT love these guys?

Tomorrow, we head significantly overseas with Power Rangers Ninja Storm – The first series produced in New Zealand!


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