Significant 7 – Day 6 – Ninja Storm

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After yesterday, our significance heads overseas!

Day 6 – Ninja Storm – 1st Series Filmed in New Zealand

Significant 7 Ninja Storm

Disney had purchased Fox’s “Fox Kids” program block in the middle of Power Rangers Wild Force. At its conclusion, the higher-ups decided that Power Rangers  would be cancelled. All of that would have come to fruition if it hadn’t been for a lovely pair of islands in the southern Pacific: New Zealand. Disney had discovered that the franchise could be produced overseas for a fraction of the cost, and as such, the Disney era began in earnest with Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Not only did the move to New Zealand give the franchise access to a wonderful new assortment of actors and actresses, but also a wide range of new landscapes which gave Ninja Storm a whole new atmosphere. In turn, a number of changes came to New Zealand’s film industry, eventually breathing new life into a hole that would soon be left empty by the wrapping of The Lord of the Rings.

The significance of Ninja Storm both as a series and in terms of franchise progress would ring far and wide, and still does. New Zealand still continues to be the home of Power Rangers in terms of filming, and continues to be an integral part of its filming industry. While somewhat inconvenient in terms of flying in major guest stars, it gives a whole new stage for local talent.

Check back tomorrow for our final day of Significant 7 when we feature our last, but certainly not least, Significant Ranger – Lauren – the first female Red Ranger in a major role!


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