Significant 7 – Day 7 – Lauren Shiba

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We did it! We’ve reached the end of the week! We’ve strode significantly forth through the Power Rangers franchise to bring you major moments in history! This final day’s Significant Ranger is a topic of heated debate, so we figured we’d make it a bit more specific.

Day 7 – Lauren Shiba – 1st Female Red Ranger in a Major Role

Significant 7 Red_Lauren

We all know that the first female Red Ranger on-screen was Charlie, formerly of S.P.D.’s A-Squad. We all also know that having an evil Red Ranger who was barely even given a name just wasn’t enough.


You know, this one. With the ‘tude.

Of course, it just wasn’t enough. Eventually, our requests were answered (in a way) with the introduction of Lauren, Jayden’s sister and head of the Shiba Clan. Of course, with her introduction, things got awkward fairly quickly.

Awkwardness aside, Lauren quickly took her place as leader of the Samurai Rangers, only to be met with mixed feelings from the team due to their loyalty to Jayden (even with his unnecessary departure for the 2-episode long fight with Deker).

Lauren was a character with boundless potential. Even so, she made her mark as the first female Red Ranger in a role that was integral to the overall plot of a series. As was stated in our Delphine entry, we can only hope that we get more opportunities for the ladies to strut their stuff.


Thank you for enjoying our Significant 7 series this week! Would you like us to do this again? Do you have any suggestions for other significant moments in Power Rangers history? Let us know in the comments section below, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter!


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