Q&A With David Fielding!


Our Q&As are BACK! And this time, in our fifth foray into the trade, we spoke with the amazing trans-dimensional tube wizard himself, David J. Fielding, whom we all know as the face and 1st season voice of ZORDON!

So without further ado, LET’S QUESTIONS…after the jump!


  • How did you happen upon the auditions for the role of Zordon?

I moved to Los Angeles in the late summer of ‘92. I had a network of friends already living there, one of whom was Stacy Fish and she was working for Saban as a Second Unit director on other projects of theirs. She called to let me know they were shooting a kids TV show pilot and I would be great for this role they were looking to fill. I went down thinking it was going to be another LA audition (500 guys, you read the lines and then never hear anything). But when I arrived at the Saban building I was surprised to find it was just myself and another gentleman reading. I also found out they were looking to cast it fast because they were planning to film very quickly. After the other guy read, I went in, met the original cast of Rangers, the director, the writers and the producers. I stood on a table, read the lines and remember Austin St. John saying “I think we found our Zoltar” (the character’s name at the time). I went home and a couple of hours later got the call telling me I had the part. I had only been living in LA less than two months I was cast on a TV show 🙂

  • Back before the first episode, during the pilot, Zordon was originally known as “Zoltar”. What caused such a name change, and did it affect the way you portrayed the character?

As far as I know, they changed the name because Zoltar was also the name of the fortune telling machine from the movie BIG but it might also have been for other reasons. Tony Oliver (head writer for MMPR)  tells a story about this as well… but my recollection was because someone pointed out it had been used before.

  • A lot of us still remember when you had left after season one. What was it like to see your visual portrayal continue on throughout the following seasons?

It was funny and strange – from an actor point of view it sucked because the way the contract was written, they could continue to use the footage of me as long as they wanted, and weren’t under any obligation to pay me for it – they own the footage they shot for the pilot and just used it over and over to save money. So, from a financial standpoint it sucked, they even used the footage in the second movie :(. But from a continuity standpoint I thought it was awesome they continued to use it up until the character was killed off. My face will be forever associated with the character and that’s something I’m pretty happy about.

  • Were you ever contacted to reprise the role of Zordon for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie?

I was contacted when they were still planning on shooting it in LA, but when they moved the production to Australia/New Zealand – they hired a local actor Nicholas Bell for the part.

  • Did you take any influences when deciding on how to portray Zordon vocally in the beginning?

When I first learned the backstory for the character, I knew I needed to present myself as a mentor figure to the Rangers, someone who was wise and authoritative, but also someone kind and patient. Zordon is a true mentor, guiding the Rangers and inspiring them. And so I chose to use a deep register for my voice, an almost god-like tone and was thinking he was very Zeus in that way. A voice from on high. Zordon was trapped in a timewarp, only able to project his face through to present himself… he knew the enemies the Rangers would face would be physical beings and he could not combat them with his intelligence and will, he needed to find several beings to give powers to in order to battle the physical threats the world would face.

And so I tried to make that come across in his voice, patience, caring, wisdom and leadership – guiding them when they felt overwhelmed, praising them for their victories and also reminding them that they had a duty and mission to serve and protect.

  • Thank you so much for your time, David, and thank you for answering our questions!

My pleasure – thank you!


You can check out David on both Facebook and Twitter here:


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