Dino Charge Site Live on Nickelodeon.com


A long time ago, ten dinosaurs were each entrusted with magical Energems rumored to hold invincible power over the entire universe. Now that the dinosaurs are extinct, an evil alien named Sledge is determined to find all the missing Energems and take control of space and time. There’s just one thing standing in his way… The Power Rangers Dino Charge!
Harnessing the power of pre-historic dinosaur spirits, the Dino Charge Rangers are ready to defend Earth at all costs. From a 100,000 year old caveman to a thrill seeking skateboarder, the Dino Charge Rangers may seem like an eclectic bunch, but their unmatched strength and incredible intelligence make for some epic teamwork.
With all new Dino Zords, morphers and weapons, Earth’s newest defenders are ready to protect the Energems, save the Earth and defeat the evil Sledge and his monsters once and for all.. But will their combined power be enough to take down this intergalactic bounty hunter and his menacing team of monsters? Dino Charge Ready!

Thanks to a discovery by RangerCrew, we now know that Nickelodeon.com’s Power Rangers Dino Charge website is live! Complete with synopsis and character backgrounds, we have more information about our resident Rangers, including surnames! Here’s where we lay down the skinny:


Tyler Navarro , the leader of the rangers, is a free-spirited adventurer with a huge heart. Determined to solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance, this curious and energetic ranger is nothing to mess with when it comes to defeating evil. For Tyler, making friends is easy, but will defending Earth be just as simple?

Dinosaur Spirit: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Weapon: T-Rex Smasher


Shelby Watkins is known to leap before she looks, and her amazing bravery is matched by her incredible knowledge of dinosaurs. She’s strong willed, stubborn, and a nightmare for any evil villain. Even though Shelby may seem pretty serious, she also has a softer side… especially when it comes to the Red Ranger!

Dinosaur Spirit: Triceratops

Weapon: Tricera Drill


Riley Griffin may be quiet, but his intelligence and amazing discipline speak loud and clear. After leaving his family’s ranch to defend Earth, Riley’s confidence and incredible sword skills have made him a fierce member of the Ranger team. With a love for brainteasers and the battling evil, Riley is one well-rounded ranger.

Dinosaur Spirit: Raptor

Weapon: Raptor Claw


Koda is the oldest Dino Charge Ranger… by 100,000 years! It may be funny to watch this caveman maneuver the modern world, but his incredible strength and natural intuition are no laughing matter. This pre-historic ranger has a heart of gold and will stop at nothing to defend Earth.

Dinosaur Spirit: Stegosaurus

Weapon: Stego Shield


Even though Chase Randall is from New Zealand, he can feel at home anywhere as long as he’s riding around on his beloved skateboard. Chase may be a flirt, but meet him on the battlefield and you’ll be flirting with disaster.

Dinosaur Spirit: Parasaur

Weapon: Para Chopper


As you can see, there are quite a few pieces of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger that have made their way into Dino Charge, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So far there isn’t any evidence that would necessarily damn the series to the same fate as its predecessor, and that alone speaks volumes.

Be sure to check out Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge website at:


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