“The Ranger” Coming Back Spring 2015


Image courtesy of The Ranger Facebook page.

After becoming widely lauded throughout the fandom, it should be no surprise that The Ranger, starring and written by Matt Jayson, will be getting a second installation!

Taking place after the first episode, Matt had this to say on the upcoming project:

Well, the fans really took to the first one and I was very moved by the outpouring of fans I met at Power Morphicon. Myself and the director were only going to do one and done. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to top the first one, the director was looking out for me saying that it could typecast me in Hollywood.

We both wanted to keep making movies. I wanted to develop Ranger into a series, he suggested I move on to other things.

We came to an agreement to make another film featuring Jason, but not have it necessarily be an MMPR film. That being said, this film still does take place after the events of the first film.

What I want to convey is that when enough fans get together, anything can happen.

Keep a weather eye on The Monkie Grid this Spring, because when it releases, we’ll be posting it right here!

Curious about the first installation of The Ranger? Check it out here in our article!

Also, be sure to check out Matt Jayson and give him a shout-out on Twitter, @mattjay_son!


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