Joseph Kahn Releases Power Rangers Bootleg

As much a mystery as anything for quite some time, most of what we knew about this project came from vague hints dropped by director Joseph Kahn and actress Katee Sackhoff as well as clues uncovered by the fandom’s very own Nightmere10 of The Power Scoop.

Meant to be a deconstructed, darker, cyberpunk-esque take on Power Rangers, this VFX-heavy masterpiece takes the world of Power Rangers and puts it on its head with a design and skill of that which is more often seen in a film with a large budget.

Many kudos to Mr. Kahn, Katee Sackhoff, and the entire crew behind this project, and we applaud you for such a surprise kept well-hidden!

From project page on Vimeo:


Katee Sackhoff – Kimberly/Pink
James Van Der Beek – Rocky
Russ Bain – Tommy/Green
Will Yun Lee – General Klank
Gichi Gamba – Zack/Black


Director: Joseph Kahn
Writers: Joseph Kahn, James Van Der Beek, Dutch Southern
Producers: Adi Shankar, Jil Hardin
Executive Producers: Justin Smith, David Kang, Raymond Watt, Michael S. Kim
Co-producers: Renn Brown, Kathy Palmer
Cinematographer: Christopher Probst
Production Designer: Brett Hess
Costume Designer: Edda Gudmunsdottir
Stunt/Fight Coordinator: Don Theerathada/87 Eleven
Sound Designer: Fletcher Alliston
Music by: Brain and Melissa
Visual Effects: Ingenuity Engine
Visual Effects Supervisors: David Lebensfeld, Grant Miller, Chris Watts

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