Every Ranger Has Its Fans.

Monkie Grid Desk

I’ll just get right down to it. There’s a big issue in the Tokusatsu fandom and it isn’t toy prices.

There seems to be a disconnect from fan to fan when it comes to the difference in opinion regarding what Ranger or Senshi is acceptable/good or unacceptable/bad. This disconnect tends to create a rift between fans that often escalates into argument and/or shaming. Is that really the way we need to treat each other? No. Not really.

Call it “White Knighting” all you want, but the simple fact is that a large percentage of us are grown-ass adults.

This is an epidemic in our community that really doesn’t constitute a productive environment for anyone. You can like and dislike things without talking down at those who are of the opposite opinion. Popular consensus would have one to believe otherwise.

POWER/RANGERS cites the perfect example. This 15-minute indie creation has had absolutely no bearing on the direction of the Power Rangers franchise as a whole. Power Rangers Dino Charge is going to stay the same. The 2016 movie’s script is pretty much finished. You can’t affect that which already exists. To say otherwise is absolutely insane. To fear for a future which is highly unlikely to come true is completely illogical. I’ve seen high-profile fans throw blanketed insults in the direction of people who have liked the short film. On the opposite side of that coin, though, there are those who enjoy the short who have deemed Saban Brands “jealous” or “hating on” it. This isn’t the case. Saban Brands was well within their rights to protect that which is theirs. In the end, both parties came to an amicable agreement, so why can’t you all?

Another thing I’m catching wind of is over Ninninger‘s Akaninger, who apparently has an energetic disposition. As a character in a leadership role, this is something of a desirable trait, as teammates typically feed off of the energy of those who take the role of team lead. This has led fans to conjure up the fear that he will become another Daigo. How is this a bad thing? Overall, Daigo was not a particularly terrible character beyond the fact that there was an insane amount of character focus on him. If overall energy makes for a worryingly terrible character, then where will the flow come from?

There’s no shame in liking or disliking something. I personally have a strong disdain for Operation Overdrive, but I’m not in the business of looking down my nose at those who tend to prefer it. Some folks prefer Rocky over Jason. Others like Samurai/Super Samurai. Does this make them any less of a fan? There are times where it could be said that they are a fan more so than a lot of us, for accepting something even with its faults, where the rest of us ostracize a series or character for them.

Fan fiction, fan films, head canon; All of these things allow fans to envision their wishes or imaginations. Absolutely none of this affects the overall property in any way, shape, or form. So, then, why is it okay for you to envision your take on something and yet someone else’s take is suddenly beneath you or bad for the fandom? There are websites with archives CHOCK FULL of Power Rangers and Super Sentai fan fics. There are quite a few Fan Films in production: Zordon of Eltar, MMPR, Power Rangers Zenith, Morphin’ OriginsPOWER/RANGERS is, in essence, a fan film, as while Jospeh Kahn may not be a fan, the actors, at one point, were affected by the very existence of Power Rangers. Does that mean that they are any less than us? No. Not one bit. Every one of us has fallen out of love with the series at one point or another. Different people have different perspectives.

We are, all of us, a fandom. A family. Our differences are what make us unique. We love a children’s show, but that doesn’t mean we have to act like children ourselves. In no way does this mean that you need to change your opinion in any way, but just try to be a bit more open-minded. Don’t shun someone for their difference in interests.


2 thoughts on “Every Ranger Has Its Fans.

  1. I completely agree. The sad thing is in today’s world when vast majority of people are behind a computer screen they feel as if there are no consequences to what they say or do. It is as if they think that respect is something that is not for the internet. Fact is giving people a medium through which they can express their opinions (and have people back them) gives them the feeling of being invincible and that they somehow are smarter or no better than others on any given subject. Not saying everyone should go the Curt Schilling route, but the day people start realizing that all of this changes how future love interest and employers see them the better.

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