The Loyal Subjects TLS Power Rangers Review: Pink Ranger

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They’ve finally released! The collectible figures from The Loyal Subjects have landed in-store and, in some cases, in our mailboxes! Having a thing for blind boxes, we took the plunge to bring you one of these small delights.


First up, box art. And oh my stars and garters. Designed by Joe Allard (he designed the figures, too), the box art pops right out the gate. Its design uses vibrant colors and familiar aesthetics to grab your attention and keeps it with a silky smooth, welcoming texture.

The entire inaugural TLS Power Rangers line is designed around Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Of course, when you want to do a first, why not start with the progenitor, right? For most, this is certainly NOT a bad thing.

Each figure is packaged in a blind box. This is where the collectible factor comes in. There are overall 10 figures in the first line, plus one chase figure. This time, we got MMPR Pink.

Right out of the box, and the geniusly printed Power Morpher-emblazoned foil wrapper, you get the figure itself, a blade blaster (if applicable), helmet (if applicable), that character’s signature weapon, and any other small doodads that may come with. In this case, Pink’s ponytail. Also, there is a collectible card corresponding to the figure you receive.

All of the accessories are really neat and are made of a rather good grade of vinyl. The blade blaster really surprised me by having a metallic finish on the barrel. It really allows it to stand out. In fact, the accessories alone are of a better quality than that found in the average 5″ Power Ranger figure found these days.

The helmet splits in half, almost akin to an easter egg, and surrounds the figure’s head. Now, when the helmet is off, don’t forget to add the ponytail, if the figure comes with one.

The Good This figure is nicely made. Fine details, brilliant paint apps not found in standard 5″ figures, and accessories that are to die for really made this figure stand out. That, plus the compact size makes them excellent for display at home or at the office. The box art is as wonderful as the figures themselves, and there is a decent range of motion for general poseability.

The Bad At a MSRP of $13.99, these definitely won’t be your average everyday purchase. Blind Box sales models have a tendency to turn some collectors off. Not sure if it’s a common element in the design, but the figure I received had some particularly long shoulder pegs. Gives a great range of motion, but at rest, it looks kind of funky.

The Verdict Personally, I love the figures. They have a distinctive characterization to them that makes them one-of-a-kind. For those who enjoy blind box/bag and gashapon-style collecting, this is right up your alley and is a must-buy. The price point may be a turn-off to some, but with a single figure, you get a level of quality that is at least twice that seen in the Bandai Legacy 5″ line found for at least $3 greater in price. (Personally, I’m hunting for Goldar and MMPR Black myself.)

I give the TLS Power Rangers Pink Ranger 5 Tentoraigers. An overall great figure from a line with quite a bit of potential.


Maximum Tentoraiger!



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