The Power Force and You

Monkie Grid Desk

With the announcement of Boom! Studios’ partnership with Saban Brands to create a new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic book series, Ranger fans have been wondering why this information was released by Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter and not Saban’s own hand-picked Power Force.

Read on after the jump.

Questions have arisen as to why the Power Force even exists if they don’t get to break this information, or ask why they were chosen and not someone else. They’re the “lapdogs” of Saban Brands, right? WRONG.

The reason the Power Force was created was to give the fandom a group of individuals and outlets to look up to. They were chosen from our own ranks as fans. The first ten were chosen because they were unique, while the second wave was selected via nomination. They all have excellent talents to offer and the Power Force gives them a way to display them to the fandom.

Now this Power Force is in no way perfect. There are perks, yes. More often than not, though, there are timing issues. Communication issues in terms of information from company to members.

The Public Relations team at Saban Brands typically will put big-named media outlets at the top of their list of those to be notified of big news largely due to the fact that they are the fastest way to get word to the masses (I.E. – People who aren’t in the fandom.). That’s fine, to a certain extent. Big media means big money. Paid press.

The Power Force isn’t paid a dime for what they do. They’re really an admirable bunch no matter what way you look at it, though. Hard working men and women all. I myself had been nominated, but ultimately was not chosen. Did that stop me from working as hard as I can with the time that I have available? No. Which means that you shouldn’t let that stop you either. Communities are built by the people who take part in them. So, work together.

“But DJ MonkieRanger, I don’t have a special skill!” Stow it. Yes you do. Everyone has a talent, and if you think otherwise, it’s only because you haven’t found it yet. Look for it. Identify it. Cultivate it.

The Power Force do their job just like the rest of us do. Don’t let status cloud what you want to do. You want to do it? Do it! So long as it doesn’t have a largely negative impact on the community, do what your heart desires.

A dream is just a dream until you make an effort.


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