So Long, Sentai Cowboy


Monkie Grid Desk

Hey there, Ranger heads;

It’s been a wild ride, but at some point, things must come to an end, if even temporarily.

I’ve decided that it’s time to shutter The Monkie Grid. It won’t be forever, but at least for the time being. I’ve stumbled a bit on my personal path, and it’s affected some people who I never intended to involve. Some emotionally, others financially.

Unfortunately, intent is one thing, but execution is a whole different beast altogether. So, I need to reel back and re-assess my priorities. It’s never a fun thing, to look inward, but there are times where it must be done. The way I am now, I feel I really don’t deserve to be among the ranks of fine folks who help bring you all the news and coverage that you see and love. Maybe I’ll get back to a point where I feel otherwise. Who knows.

I’ll be throwing together one final recording for the road, which will help promote the guests of this year’s Rangerstop. After that point, I’ll be spending the next week changing visual images around. I won’t be shutting down any pages or sites, as I do plan to return, but I’ve come to learn that things don’t always go your way when you plan ahead.

So keep it live with that funky-fresh henshin beat, and once more, with feeling;

It’s Morphin Time!


Lee Roberts a.k.a. DJ MonkieRanger


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