Fan Art Friday – Adi

Fan Art Friday Header


Heading across the good ol’ drink this week to feature artwork from Adi aka Adivider on DeviantArt, from Indonesia!

Here at The Monkie Grid, we strive to try new things every now and again, and as such, we are delving a bit deeper into the Kamen Rider side of tokusatsu. To celebrate that, we’re featuring a Kamen Rider piece!

These are among my favorite Rider designs, Kamen Rider 3 and 4. Facing off in a field of flames, it appears that Kamen Rider 4 has the upper hand. Will Rider 3 make it out alive? Who knows? That’s half the fun!


As an added bonus, I’m also going to share…

KAMEN RIDER GUNDAM! Because two awesomes make an even bigger awesome.


You can find Adi and his artwork at:

Also, if you’re interested in purchasing any of his designs as t-shirts, check out these links as well:


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