A Call to Action! #DJMonkieRangerRevival



So I believe the airwaves have been silent enough, bereft of my sultry voice. I believe it’s now time to prepare a comeback in earnest.

Yes, yes. I’ve said I’d be making a comeback many times over. I’m serious this time. BUT, I cannot do this without you fine people.

What I REALLY like to do is feature individuals in the fandom in my intros. It’s what I do. Most of them have been podcasters, but some have been prominent or even just your average everyday Joe. Or Jane. Or Jo. Or…you get what I’m saying. Anyway, what you have to do is very simple:

Just record yourself saying, “This is [insert name] and you’re listening to DJ MonkieRanger.” Or if you happen to be part of a podcast, website, Facebook page, or otherwise, then record, “This is [insert name] from [insert podcast/website/facebook page] and you’re listening to DJ MonkieRanger.

It’s that simple! Then, just email it as an .mp3 or .wav file to MonkieRanger@gmail.com. Then, just listen out to see when you’ll be featured! We who do this stuff can’t do it without listeners, and it’s always great to strive and make as many people as possible feel included. It’s the chance of a lifetime! Okay, maybe not a LIFETIME, but it’s cool, right?

What are you waiting for? DO THE THING!


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