2015: The Monkieverse Awakens

DJMonkieRanger Evolution 2015


This year has been a heck of a ride. With another year under our belts, The Monkie Grid has been able to keep afloat. Not without the help of you, our readers and listeners, of course.

This year started out well and turned into a temultuous mess, to say the least. I lost my job due to workplace closure, panicked, found a new job, learned…and grew. There came a moment when I thought it best to remove myself from the fandom eye and essentially close The Monkie Grid and stop podcasting.

I learned that this was not the answer and came back. I grew to understand that not all of you would come back, and those of you who stayed have made the learning process very educational. And I thank you for that.

Anyway, enough about me. The Monkie Grid hasn’t seen much activity since my comeback, and I apologize for that. 2016 will see a slew of new content along with #DJMonkieRanger. I think you’ll like it!

For your enjoyment, I’ve included a playlist of the introductional and promotional antics of #DJMonkieRanger in 2015!

See you in 2016!


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