Power Rangers Dino Charge SDCC Panel


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In case you missed it, the Dino Charge panel hosted by Andre Meadows aka Black Nerd has been graciously posted online thanks to RangerCrew!

Part 1:

Part 2:

As always, you can head to http://www.Rangercrew.com and check out their forums!


Power Rangers Dino Charge – Episode 1 Review – “Powers from the Past”


HELLOOOOOOOOOO TOKUSATSU FANDOM! DJ MonkieRanger here to give you a taste of my thoughts on the first episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge! Yes, yes, I know. “But MonkieRanger, you’re like two weeks late!” Unfortunately, life demands attention, and as such, other endeavors take a back seat. BUT, that’s why I’m here now! To let you all know that I’m not going anywhere, and although I may be a little less chatty, that doesn’t make me any less present!

Anyway, without further ado, LET’S REVIEWING!

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Dino Charge Site Live on Nickelodeon.com


A long time ago, ten dinosaurs were each entrusted with magical Energems rumored to hold invincible power over the entire universe. Now that the dinosaurs are extinct, an evil alien named Sledge is determined to find all the missing Energems and take control of space and time. There’s just one thing standing in his way… The Power Rangers Dino Charge!
Harnessing the power of pre-historic dinosaur spirits, the Dino Charge Rangers are ready to defend Earth at all costs. From a 100,000 year old caveman to a thrill seeking skateboarder, the Dino Charge Rangers may seem like an eclectic bunch, but their unmatched strength and incredible intelligence make for some epic teamwork.
With all new Dino Zords, morphers and weapons, Earth’s newest defenders are ready to protect the Energems, save the Earth and defeat the evil Sledge and his monsters once and for all.. But will their combined power be enough to take down this intergalactic bounty hunter and his menacing team of monsters? Dino Charge Ready!

Thanks to a discovery by RangerCrew, we now know that Nickelodeon.com’s Power Rangers Dino Charge website is live! Complete with synopsis and character backgrounds, we have more information about our resident Rangers, including surnames! Here’s where we lay down the skinny:

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Power Rangers Dino Charge Themes Found!


Thanks to the lovely folks of No Pink Spandex, high quality versions of the Power Rangers Dino Charge theme, in both its vocal and instrumental forms, have been posted online! The Dino Charge theme was discovered via Bandai’s new Dino Charge App for Android and Apple devices.

Give them a listen, and bask in the wonder that is Noam Kaniel, who performs the vocals personally.

  • Vocals version:
[audio http://awwman.com/nps/main/audio/PRDC_Theme.mp3 ]
  • Instrumental version:
[audio http://awwman.com/nps/main/audio/PRDC_Theme_Instru.mp3 ]

Many thanks to NPS for sharing this music, and to the fandom for such an amazing discovery!

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Original article via No Pink Spandex: