Kamen Rider 4 Released


Part of a new initiative to include Kamen Rider news in our feed!

Now I’ve never been keen on this whole “Sub War” thing regarding whether TV-Nihon or Over-Time, I just like a good quality sub that provides clear, readable subtitles that allow me to understand what I’m watching to suppliment the enjoyment of a good toku.

As such, TV-Nihon has released the Kamen Rider 4 3-episode special, which suppliments the movie Super Hero Taisen 3: Kamen Rider Grand Prix.

You can find the torrent links (both HD and SD) on tvnihon.com under the “Torrents” tab.

Download today!


Bluefin Announces Kamen Rider 3 Release

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“But DJ MonkieRanger, Tamashii Nations already announced Kamen Rider 3!” Yes, this is true. BUT. But, but, but, Bluefin has announced, via their Facebook Page, stateside U.S. Standard pricing with a release date of December 2015 for this character that was intoduced in Kamen Rider Taisen GP!

What does this mean? It means that you won’t have to worry about finding that middleman any time soon. Just means you need to find out where it will be sold!

Keep a weather eye on The Monkie Grid, and we will update when we find out the outlets in which Kamen Rider 3 will be available.