MMPR Fan Project Update and New Ep.1 Footage


The folks behind MMPR have been hard at work finishing up Episode One of their filming project. Actress Dina Cataldi (MMPR Blue Ranger) and Executive Producer Mack Khur take time to explain some of the matters behind Episode One’s release. Following suit is new, exclusive footage featuring Dina Cataldi encountering the Silver Guardians.


MMPR Episode 1 Official Trailer Released

MMPR-fan-film-logo It’s finally here! The folks behind the MMPR fan project have just released the trailer for Episode 1! This episode will feature the Blue Ranger Claire Ashmore, played by Dina Cataldi. It looks like the character has some dealings with the Silver Guardians, who have been developing a new type of Power Morpher.

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MMPR Fan Project To Release Trailer At November’s End.

1377192_335002996643612_828512241_nToday, the folks behind the MMPR fan project released this tweet:

Attached was the following image:

1459975_364690860341492_413456653_n The trailer was shown at multiple conventions since New York Comic Con, and had been stated before that it would be released via YouTube after their final convention appearance of the year.

The MMPR Episode 1 Trailer will mark the first visual appearance of its Blue Ranger, Dina Cataldi, and her on-screen costume.

Due out on November 28th, which is Thanksgiving Day, be sure to keep a weather eye on The Monkie Grid, as we will post the video as soon as it’s released!

Cast of MMPR Fan Project Open For Interviews at NYCC

As we at The Monkie Grid have mentioned before, the five lead Power Rangers of MMPR will be attending New York Comic Con. Additionally, according to this tweet, they will also be available for questions and interviews:

If interested, I suggest sending word soon.

MMPR Fan Project Trailer Almost Con Ready

According to this tweet, the trailer for the MMPR fan project’s first episode which encompasses the backstory of its Blue Ranger (actress Dina Cataldi) is almost ready for its debut at New York Comic Con:

The folks behind the project have stated that this showing is a test run for the trailer. A web release date has not yet been set.

The first episode, focusing on the Blue Ranger, is aimed for a December release with a 15 minute run time. Followed by 5 minute episodes featuring the Red and Black Rangers each, and the Pink and Yellow Rangers will share an episode.


Image courtesy of MMPR.

MMPR Fan Project Red Ranger Footage to be Shot Next

According to this tweet from Don Money (MMPR Fan Project Red Ranger), MMPR will begin filming Red Ranger scenes beginning in less than a week.

For the latest MMPR Fan Film news, be sure to check out The Monkie Grid!

MMPR Fan Project Begins Filming!

As of Friday night, MMPR has officially begun filming:

Later, the MMPR Twitter account tweeted two behind-the-scenes images:

What could be in store for us within the coming week? Who knows? Keep a weather eye on The Monkie Grid for your MMPR updates!