Q&A With David Fielding!


Our Q&As are BACK! And this time, in our fifth foray into the trade, we spoke with the amazing trans-dimensional tube wizard himself, David J. Fielding, whom we all know as the face and 1st season voice of ZORDON!

So without further ado, LET’S QUESTIONS…after the jump!

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Q&A With Cameron Jebo!


Cameron Jebo. Originally auditioned for a role as one of the main five Megaforce Rangers. An enigma shrouded in questions for the majority of the season before finally being announced as SUPER MEGAFORCE SILVER, sole survivor of Andresia and epic powerhouse of shininess!

After the amazing Twin Galaxies Live! event, Cameron graced me with a short Twitterview, so without further ado, Let’s Questions!


  • When you became SMF Silver, what were your initial thoughts?

1st thought: NO. WAY. 2nd: I’m my own childhood hero! 3rd: Oh crap, I’ve got a lot of training to do. 4th: NO. WAY.

  • What is it like having to match your voice to the intensity of Gokai Silver’s source footage?

Matching my voice to the intensity of the epic source footage was incredibly FUN. ADR sessions always a mix of tiring/exciting

  • The Ranger Key props, are they just toys or are they specially made for the show?

Some of the Ranger keys, morphers, and weapons we film with are the actual toys that you fans get to play with! But then again…we get to film with some special “just-for-us” props, weapons, morphers, and costumes. Those are Hero Models.


Be sure to catch Cameron as Orion, the Silver Ranger, in Power Rangers Super Megaforce! Currently on hiatus, you can catch episodes on Hulu.com and Nickelodeon. The Monkie Grid will announce an official return date once it becomes available.

Thank you so much to Cameron for allowing us to have this Q&A!

Q&A With Matt Austin!


 We’re back once again with our THIRD Q&A!

This time, we have the amazingly multi-faceted Matt Austin, who you all may know as Bridge Carson, S.P.D. Green, then Blue, then (in Operation Overdrive) Red Ranger!

In addition to Power Rangers S.P.D., Matt is also a seasoned writer, composer, producer, and director, with works under his belt such as (my personal favorite) Marshall Law and Don’t You Forget About Me, a documentary tribute to John Hughes, as well as composing the song “Me” in S.P.D.

Anyway, without further ado, Let’s Questions!


  • What were you doing before SPD?

Before I was cast in Power Ranger, or what my family refers to as BSPD,  I had just finished a run of a play I had both written and acted in called In Between.

  • When you were cast as Bridge, what were your first thoughts of the dialogue and character direction?

I genuinely felt like it was the first time I auditioned for anything where the character sounded like me. I heard that others struggled to make the dialogue sound natural, so this really was the cast of me “being myself” and getting the role. Originally Bridge was wayyyyy rant-ier and had huge monologues. I wish the show was able to keep that.

  • During your return in “Once a Ranger”, did you expect to be brought in as a Red Ranger? Was there any particular reason for not returning as SPD Green?

I think they had already offered Rich from Mystic an opportunity to come back before it had gotten to me. They wanted the original 5 colours represented so needed a Red Ranger. I think they felt it would make more sense to change my color than that of the other rangers. Either way, I was thrilled to return to the series and New Zealand.

  • Since your run as a Ranger, what endeavors have you engaged in?

Shortly after Rangers, I hung up my acting hat. I’ve always been more interested in writing and directing and have done a number of shorts, television and three features. . I’d love to return to the series as a director.

  • Thank you very much for answering all of our questions!


Matt has stated that he’s interested in throwing his name into the hat as director for the new movie re-imagining of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Curiously enough, there is an online petition that was created by a fan to garner support for the notion. You can observe and sign said petition ->HERE<-

You can follow Matt on Twitter at @MattyAustin

Check out Matt’s work at MattSadowski.dunked.com

Q&A With Kerrigan Mahan!


Here we are again with our SECOND Q&A!

This time, I had the honor of corresponding with none other than Kerrigan Mahan, who you may, most notably, know as the voice of Goldar, Rita Repulsa’s right-hand henchman who had the power to single-handedly keep the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers at bay. He’s also the voice of the first Magna Defender from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. On top of that, he’s also voiced a handful of Monsters of the Day throughout multiple Power Rangers seasons.

Mr. Mahan has had roles both on-screen and off for a long time, having credits in shows like The District, T.J. Hooker, Robotech: The Movie, Initial D, and he even voiced my personal favorite character in Macron 1, Scott Cutter.

Anyway, without further ado, Let’s Questions! ———————————————————————————————

  • First of all, thank you very much for your time to answer this handful of questions!
  • What were you doing before you decided to audition for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

I never really auditioned for the role of Goldar, it was kind of handed to me by Tony Oliver… nobody knew at the time Goldar was a major player, but Tony knew I could put a big, scary voice on this “gold guy.” The rest is history…

As to what I was doing some directing for Saban, other voiceovers, commercials, promos, trailers, et al… always considering resurrecting my on-camera career, which I finally did just last year, playing an evangelist in a small movie being released in February 2014, entitled, “Angels in Stardust.” My clip can be seen on my YouTube page.

  • I noticed that as time went on, Goldar’s voice changed ever so slightly. Was this due to the evolution of the character, personal preference, or was it voice direction?

Kind of a combo plate on this one. I needed to find a voice I could sustain better for preserving my voice for other work, the character had become more prominent, and the producers wanted a scarier sound… I went into my basement and perfected the voice that would go into infamy! Hahaha!

  • Was there any difference between MMPR’s Goldar and Goldar as he was in the Power Rangers movie?

Well, yes and no… I think the character had already started to make the turn into more of a bumbling caricature in the show, and in the movie, they kind of made him all of the above, as it were… I love that I had the last line… Where the pig came from, I have no idea and I never met the actor who voiced him.

  • You then went on (Power Rangers-wise) to voice the first Magna Defender in Lost Galaxy. Was there any difference preparation-wise to get into character?

Preparation wise, no… We never had any time for preparation for any character, really. We were hired because we were extremely quick studies and all of us had been acting long enough professionally, that we were accustomed to coming in cold, given a run down of the current storyline and character by Scott (Scott Page-Pagter, our director) and away we went. Magna was a very focused and intensely internal role and demanded to be underplayed, which hopefully I accomplished. One of the more challenging roles in my animation career. Very Clint Eastwood, tortured…

  • On a personal level, which character was a more enjoyable experience; was it Goldar, the ever-powerful right hand warrior of Rita Repulsa; or was it Magna Defender, the brutish space hero with a chip on his shoulder? Or maybe it was Jeb the talking dog from VR Troopers? (I kid, I kid.)

Without wimping out on this question, I loved playing them all in very different ways. They were all demanding and don’t underestimate Jeb, who was basically playing Jack Nicholson, which is extremely animated and very focused energy. My favorite all-time animated role was in “Initial D,” playing the role of Bunta… too cool for school!

  • Since Power Rangers, have you still been acting? Are there any projects that you can tell us about?

As I said, I’m doing more on-camera acting, with hopefully more to come… I hadn’t been on-camera in a decade and it was really fun and intense. I am also doing a lot of writing, and have two screenplays in development and a web series staring Adam West I’m trying to raise money to shoot. I also made, wrote and directed, a little movie with and for kids, last summer, entitled, “The Redemption of the Monster of Piedras Blancas.”

Finally, I/we (Barbara Goodson and Robert Axelrod), are launching a website this month called evilspacealiens.com, promoting selling custom ringtones, pictured autographs, and LIVE phone calls as our characters or as ourselves or both!

  • Again, thank you so much. All of us here at The Monkie Grid appreciate the time you’ve taken to answer our questions!

My pleasure, enjoyed every word of it!


You can find Kerrigan’s extended credits listings and videos at:

Q&A With Nic Sampson!



For a while now, I’d been longing to try my hand at Q&A’s with Power Rangers cast members, and so, after some thought and input by many much appreciated confidants, I decided to give it a shot.

First to be contacted was none other than Mystic Force Yellow and Sentinel Knight himself, Nic Sampson! He was very nice when I made the request, which made me feel a lot less tense about asking.

Anyway without further ado, Let’s Questions!

  • Were you acting before you decided to audition for Power Rangers?

I’ve been acting since i was a kid. When I was 11 I was in an episode of a TV show with a pre-boston legal William Shatner. My mum was a mermaid and I got to eat custard during a scene. Pretty much the dream.

  •  What was your favorite part of being a Power Ranger?

I loved doing the fight scenes, even though I’m pretty uncoordinated. My stunt double did everything that looked remotely good.

  •  Are you still acting now?

I’m still acting around New Zealand as well as writing for a comedy show which is a bit like the Daily Show over in the states, although far less political since our politics are nowhere near as exciting as America’s.

  •  In a past interview with RangerCrew, you said that you had a band, Guns ‘n’ Moses. Are you guys still together?

Unfortunately the band broke up years ago. We were together for about a year maybe and did maybe 10 gigs all up. We started another band but that broke up quickly as well. I’m not a very good musician so that’s probably a part of it.

  •  Are you more inclined to perform on-screen, or did you prefer voicing characters instead?

I prefer being on screen where everyone can see my pretty face and all the good acting faces I do.

  •  Do you see any similarities between yourself and Chip?

We look really similar. Although I have a beard at the moment so…

  •  One final question: If you were given the opportunity to return and either play Chip again or play a different role, would you? Would you rather reprise Chip or play a new role?

I’d be a much beardier Chip. I could play his uncle or something?


Many thanks and much appreciation to Nic Sampson for his time answering this short Q&A!