Morphin Madness Prizes Begin Finding Their Homes

Gilbert Caban (@CABAN81 on Twitter, whose account is protected) has become the first of the Morphin Madness winners to announce the receipt of their prize.

Gilbert was nice enough to share with the fandom the Gold Legendary Morpher, which comes complete with two gold-colored Red Rangers. (Gold Rangers?)

There has yet to be any word as to whether the presumed 5-pack of Morphin Madness winning Rangers (Time Force Pink, Titanium, Phantom,¬†Mighty Morphin’ Red, and Mighty Morphin’ White) have been or will ever be made or distributed either to the winners or otherwise.

The Monkie Grid will keep you posted on any updates as to when (or if) the other winners announce their prizes.


Morphin Madness Final Five Announced!


Announced on Monday, April 7, we finally have our final FIVE Power Rangers in the Morphin Madness tournament!

final-fiveKeep an eye on The Monkie Grid as we await the announcement of the winner of the Gold Legendary Morpher and five Ranger Keys!