#DJMonkieRanger 11/23/15

Back again after such a long time away!

This episode, we cover the debacle involving the Difillipo Triplets, who played Trey of Triforia; Slight touch on the 2017 Power Rangers movie cast; and a short Holiday Gift Guide.

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DJ MonkieRanger 14 4 – 13 – 15 (Anniversary Edition)

It’s the 1 Year Anniversary of DJ MonkieRanger!

This week, we cover:

– Dean Israelite in final negotiations over Power Rangers movie
-New Ninninger toys revealed
-Kamen Rider Chaser to appear in episode 26
-Power Rangers Dash available on Google Play and iTunes

Background music:
-“Gangnam Style” – PSY
-“DJ サガラ”
-“Phoenix Rising” – Torrey Desmond Rogers TorreyDesmondRogers.com
– “Go Go Power Rangers” – The Power Rangers Orchestra
-“First World Problems” – MC Frontalot

DJ MonkieRanger 13 3 – 11 – 15

This week, we cover:
– The return, and exit, of Gritty Remake DJ MonkieRanger

– What do you think of Power Rangers Dino Charge?

– What do you think of Ninninger?

– Upcoming 1st Anniversary of #DJMonkieRanger

– Beetleborgs Metallix Vol 2 set to release in May

– Chroma Squad set to release in April: www.chromasquad.com/

– Lexington Comic & Toy Convention Promo

Thank you to Nightmere10 of The Power Scoop for the intro promo: thepowerscoopblog.wordpress.com/

Background music: “First World Problems” – MC Frontalot

DJ MonkieRanger 12 1 – 14 – 15


This week, we cover:

Background music:
“First World Problems” – MC Frontalot
PokeRap – James “D Train” Williams and Babi Floyd
Power Rangers Dino Charge – Noam Kaniel

Many thanks to Erik and Ryan of The Tye Box for the intro! – www.thetyebox.com/

MonkeyRanger vs Buster Bill (Plus Show Plug)

With only a short amount of time before RangerCorp sends out their Ranger Crew to deal with him, MONKEYRANGER tries his hand at hero work and shows off a new power!
Some of the henshin sound effects are courtesy of PR Unreleased – www.youtube.com/channel/UCm3o9nGD1i9zpI0zc4WGn_A

Kyoryu Beat (Western Ver.) instrumental courtesy of @BozoRobotwitter.com/BozoRobo

DJ MonkieRanger 11 9 – 23 – 14

#DJMonkieRanger pumps up the volume!

This week, we mix up our intro as we begin to expand the metaverse revolving around #DJMonkieRanger. We also start our effort to feature members of the fandom! This week, we feature “Crazy Uchi” RJ Sills, aka AnimeRedneck on Twitter/Uchihabro77, who is prominent on Tokunation, as well as an article writer for JustUsGeeks.com!

News of Roberto Orci’s departure – deadline.com/2014/09/power-rang…tar-trek-3-837131/

Saban Brands’ “Show Us Your Shorts!” Contest – sabanshorts.com/submit-your-shorts/

The GRID on PodBean – thegrid.podbean.com/e/the-grid-epis…surprise-bitch/ (My mistake. During recording, I mention that it’s weekly, when actually it’s now bi-weekly.)

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DJ MonkieRanger 10 9 – 7-14


Our 10th Episode!

Goldar is out to take over #DJMonkieRanger!

This week, we talk about Austin St. John’s ongoing effort to verify his Twitter account! Also, the SDCC-Exclusive S.H. Figuarts Armored Black Ranger gallery is LIVE on Tokunation.com at:

Kamen Rider Drive teaser: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0y8qlPe01A

You can also find the pre-orders for Legacy Saba and the Legacy Tigerzord on Entertainment Earth at:
Saba: www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.as…VAv-jfldX6p
Tigerzord: www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.as…VAv-o_ldX6p

The sounds included in this episode were obtained from various soundboards by CometComics on Deviantart: cometcomics.deviantart.com/

and PRUnreleased: www.youtube.com/user/tree56uk

Many thanks to Kerrigan Mahan, the voice of Goldar, for helping with the intro!

DJ MonkieRanger #9 8-24-14

First episode using the new icon!

This week, we cover some info from Power Morphicon! Be sure to check out Tokunation, Morphin’ Legacy, RangerCrew, Dan’s Toku Rants, and other fandom outlets for all of your info needs!

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