Power Rangers Dino Charge Casting Info Beginning to Surface


So far, casting sides and audition info have been announced, and you can find that information and more under the “DINO CHARGE CASTING INFO!” tab.

Keep a weather eye on The Monkie Grid for more information as time goes on! Auditions start next week, and, of course, if you have any plans to audition, let us know!


Dino Charge Casting Coverage!

THIS JUST IN! Be sure to keep a weather eye on The Monkie Grid for all of your Power Rangers Dino Charge casting information!

With casting presumed to start up within the next month or so, The Monkie Grid will become your source for any information concerning all things Dino Charge, provided by Morphin K!

As with all things, this will be a slow process, so any and all patience is requested.

You can find and contact Morphin K at: